Qualify to earn the Leadership Bonus by setting your monthly Personal Group Volume (PGV) growth goals. Achieve those goals and receive the 10% Leadership Bonus. Keep in mind that no more than 80% of your growth goal can come from one leg.

Example: You are brand new, with zero in PGV. Your growth goal for November is 5,000, which would earn you a $500 Leadership Bonus! So you would need 1,000 on one leg and 4,000 on the other leg.


  1. Existing members must submit their completed form(s) by the 5th day of the month.
  2. New members who join during the month must submit their form(s) within 5 days of their enrollment date.
  3. No more than 80% of qualifying Growth Goal Volume can come from one leg.
  4. To earn the Leadership Bonus you must meet your Growth Goal amount in its entirety.
  5. Purchasing products on another Consultant’s account for the purpose of reaching your Growth Goals will be grounds for termination.
  6. Orders must be charged to a credit card issued to the name on the member account.
  7. Orders must be shipped to the address on file for the member account.