To participate in and earn the Leadership Mentoring Bonus, a Consultant will list your name as their Leadership Mentor on their completed Growth Goals Form. You will then list them on your completed Growth Goals form as one of your Leadership Mentoring Partners.

Example: You mentor 4 Consultants who each earn a Leadership Bonus of $250 for meeting their Growth Goals. You would earn $1,000 in matching Leadership Mentoring Bonuses.


  1. Existing members must submit their completed form(s) by the 5th day of the month.
  2. New members who join during the month must submit their form(s) within 5 days of their enrollment date.
  3. A Leadership Mentoring team can consist of an unlimited number of Team Partners, however, a Consultant can participate in only one team.
  4. A Consultant may participate in the Leadership Bonus without participating in the Leadership Mentoring Bonus. In other words, you can set your personal Growth Goals and qualify to earn the 10% Leadership Bonus but you do not have to lead a team. In this case, you would not be listed as a Leadership Mentor on another Consultant’s Growth Form.
  5. A Consultant may or may not have a Leadership Mentor. For example, perhaps you want to lead a team but you do not want to participate as a Team Partner in another Consultant’s team. You would then not have a Leadership Mentor listed on your Growth Goals form.
  6. The Name and ID# of your Team Partner(s) must be listed on your submitted Growth Goals form and a corresponding Growth Goals form must be submitted by them listing you as their Leadership Mentor.
  7. A Consultant’s Leadership Mentor may or may not be their enroller, upline, or downline. For example, Sue is enrolled by John. However, for the purpose of successfully completing her Growth Goals, she would like to have a local Consultant who is not part of her organization, Mary, be her Leadership Mentor. On Mary’s submitted Growth Goals form, she will list Sue as one of her Team Partners and Sue would list Mary as her Leadership Mentor. When both successfully reach their submitted Growth Goals, Mary would earn the Leadership Mentoring Bonus on Sue.