Earn even more when you mentor other Consultants and help them reach their Growth Goals! You can earn an unlimited number of Leadership Mentoring Bonuses when one or more Consultants choose you as their Leadership Mentor. The Consultant commits to achieving their Growth Goals and you commit to helping them with any combination of mentoring sessions, weekly meetings, conference calls, webinars, three-way calls, etc.

When you reach your Growth Goals and you help the Consultant(s) who have chosen you as their Leadership Mentor reach their Growth Goals, you qualify to earn a 100% match of their Leadership Bonus.

To participate in and earn the Leadership Mentoring Bonus, a Consultant will list your name as their Leadership Mentor on their completed Growth Goals Form. You will then list them on your completed Growth Goals form as one of your Leadership Mentoring Partners.

Example: You mentor 4 Consultants who each earn a Leadership Bonus of $250 for meeting their Growth Goals. You would earn $1,000 in matching Leadership Mentoring Bonuses.