If you are located within the USA, you can set up direct deposit through PayQuicker. Direct deposit is not an option through PayQuicker for international members. 

To connect your PayQuicker account to your bank, you must first login to PayQuicker. You can login through your Back Office under the "Business" tab on the dashboard menu.

Select "PayQuicker Login" and enter the username and password you created for PayQuicker when you set up your Green Organics account through them. If you have forgotten this information there are options from the PayQuicker login screen to have it re-sent to you.

Once you have logged in click on "Transfer Money" and there should be several options in a drop-down menu. To transfer directly to your bank select "To Your Bank" from this menu.

This is what you will see on a computer: 

This is what you will see on a cell phone or other device:

Enter the requested information about your bank and routing number. Once you save the bank information to your PayQuicker account, you will be able to transfer funds to your bank account. You will have to request to transfer the funds each time you want them deposited to your bank account.